Wow, that hide smells good!

The Amazing Smell Of Toc’s Vegetable-Tanned Leather.

Leather wallets and leather accessories, there is something special about them. Even better when they are all handmade from vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

Toc brings you a new range of handmade leather products to complement our mechanical watches and boy they smell amazing!!

Why? Simple, all our new range uses certified vegetable-tanned full grain Italian leather and every product is made by hand in Ireland by Irish Craft Company, Lee River Leather, before getting its final mark of approval in the form of Toc’s branding.

The smell of fresh high-quality leather is hard to beat.

There is an earthiness to it that is strangely nice and comforting. It makes you want to jump on the nearest horse and ride across the open plains into the sunset. Well, that’s the idea, but in reality, here in Ireland, it’s probably raining and fairly miserable, so you will just have to imagine it all instead.

It’s still a pretty special thing to behold. The amazing smell permeates deeply into our souls. It’s one of those things that you just can’t explain.

But you don’t get this great natural smell with most leather wallets and leather purses. In fact, most leather products from your expensive and well-known brands don’t have the benefit of the natural preservation process our products go through.

Your fancy leather handbag or men's wallets, although adorned by an expensive name, might be laced with chemicals to give it the soft touch it has. There are actually 48 different chemicals that can be regularly used in the preservation and preparation of the most commonly used leather goods, even if it’s just for a leather diary holder or belt and some of these chemicals are quite toxic too. Those who work and prepare this leather have to be careful not to get chemical poisoning. 

The smell you normally get from a lot of the leather products from your high street stores is actually a mix of these harsh chemicals so make sure your first breath isn’t too big.

That deep emotion you normally relate to fantastic leather will quickly disappear the deeper the breath. There is nothing worse than the slight tang you get as it flows through your nostrils.

Replace this with the soft smell vegetable-tanned leather that elicits thoughts of gorgeous meadows and endless pastures and the competition is over. Natural vegetable-tanned all the way.

Toc’s new leather products all come from Cork. Full-grain Vegetable-Tanned leather from top Italian Tannery’s produces some of the best leather that money can buy because of its density of fibres, strength, and natural preservation process. Our new leather products complement our mechanical watches rather nicely.

Take our new leather watch roll, for example, it fits 4 Toc watches whether it’s the Toc19 or the new Toc Ulysses, which we recently launched; they nestle safely into the smooth leather.

The Toc Watch Roll is custom made to our specification using only the best vegetable-tanned leather. No chemicals used here! Chemically treated leathers tend to rush the natural process, so they can feel soft straight away, but this also means it will not last as long.

Vegetable-tanned leather relaxes and softens into shape over time for maximum longevity. Simply put, you will wear-in your leather watch roll, leather wallet or diary holder over the first week or two to help the fibres stretch into shape.

Toc brings you 5 new leather items with more in the pipeline. All our new leather accessories are handmade and perfectly complement your wardrobe whether you dress casually or dressy. Grab one of our handmade slim wallets, locking cuffs, watch rolls, A5 diary or business card holders now and experience Irish Craft first hand.

The quality of naturally treated handmade leather products is second to none and the incredible natural smell is one of life’s little pleasures that cannot be replicated.

Breathe it in deeply, escape with those little moments and open your mind to more.

Thanks for all the continued support and make sure to check out our new leather products in our Accessories section of our store.





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