What is #toc200k? And why it matters over the next 8 weeks?

As we look to the future, we reflect and learn from Toc’s journey so far.

It has been nothing short of incredible but the next 8 weeks are the most important in Toc’s short existence. We have got our brand off the ground and now we want to take it to a whole new level.

We launched Toc Watch last July and crowdfunded over €70k in 30 days through Pre-Orders. This brought our dream to life. It was incredible really as we spent the previous 365 days designing, planning and building up to that day. And what a rush it was.

Starting a company isn’t easy but it’s damn exciting and designing a watch is incredibly special because a watch is such a personal item. We wanted to create a watch company that values individuality and personal expression. It’s important to be true to oneself and not to hide behind what you think others want you to be.

Setting up Toc seemed a little strange if not ludicrous to a lot of people but not to us. We had spent too many years caught up in the corporate bubble chasing the next target and next promotion and we lost sight of what we had always wanted. I woke up one day and I realised I had forgotten about my dreams. I forgot about the person I had always wanted to become. I needed to do something about it fast or I would be left always wondering and carrying a regret I didn’t want to have.

Toc is still about working hard, chasing a target and a goal but now it is all for me, for something I love and wholeheartedly believe in. Working long hours never really feels like long hours anymore. It’s exhilarating. Of course, I want to be a part of the business 7 days a week but now I can adjust my life in a way that suits my business and visa verse. I have no regrets, I love every second of it. I think people should know that being true to yourself and chasing a dream regardless of the dream is worth it.

That’s what Max and I have with Toc and we value it more than anything.

So, the next 8 weeks are critical in so many ways. Every business needs a strong foundation and it must be built on core values and beliefs important to those who are part of it. We know the importance of getting it right the first time and we have strived at every juncture to ensure the products we design, manufacture and deliver live up to the high standards we have set ourselves.

Not only this, we want our customers to be more than delighted, we want to exceed their expectations by over-delivering where possible and if there is an issue we want to resolve it rapidly in a way that makes them proud they have backed us and helped us succeed.

In three weeks we launch Toc Ulysses and we are incredibly proud of it as we have taken our time to get it right. Ulysses is a more complete watch, it’s a true unisex offering with styles, colours and sizes to suit your style. It allows even more personalisation than its predecessor, the Toc19, but like the Toc19 its design is timeless and what is beautiful now will still be beautiful in 10 years time.

But what is #toc200k?

The reality of business is you need resources to do more. We have set a Kickstarter/crowdfunding target of €25k in 35 days. This is the figure we need to raise in order to be able to bring the Ulysses to life. Our manufacturing partners have minimum ordering quantities that must be hit in order to move to full production and that’s why the soft target is €25k.

But €25k isn’t our aspirational target, far from it in fact, because we don’t want to be “here today and gone tomorrow”. Our dreams and goals aren’t for the short term, they are life-altering goals, the goals that are really worth chasing. We want Toc to offer more, to become more.

Toc has great plans for the future. We have a third watch design to perfect, we have some new and exciting products to add to the brand. We just need to be able to sustain ourselves in a small way in order to be able to deliver all this and more. #toc200k is really €200k. #toc200k will get Toc to 2019. It will give us the 200 plus days we need to drive the company on and through the launch of our next watch.

#toc200k is the next level for Toc as a business. We are on the precipice of real success and with the right support and funding, our incredible journey will continue to further heights.

Toc wants you with us all the way because every journey worth taking is better shared.

Be part of our journey by sharing this and signing up for our launch.

Thanks for reading,

Will & Max, Toc Watch.

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