I guess the only place we can start is by quoting someone who actually knows.

Yves Saint Laurent famously said “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

Fashion is ever evolving and it changes with each season. It is created & influenced by those who are immersed in its world. Fashion is in some way an art form for those who have reached the peak of the industry. It is more demanding with each season and therefore the boundaries that define fashion have been constantly stretched and expanded, so much so, that sometimes, it’s hard to see any style in some of today’s fashion.

Fashion is generally short lived and becomes outdated quite quickly, not in all cases it must be said, but the further you push fashion boundaries, the shorter lived it is.

Style is so much more personal than fashion. Style is individual to the person, to their choices, beliefs, needs, body type, age, outlook and much more. The key difference is that everybody has a say on style and what type of style they like and chose to wear, whereas only a select few can influence fashion.

So which is more important in the watch world, fashion or style?

Surely, it can only really be style unless we are talking about the ‘disposable’ watch market.

Yes, fashion can be great but in the watch world, it only lasts 1-2 years and then it is brushed aside for the next new fashion. But true style lasts forever. Take some of the iconic styles out there, from the elegant dress watch, to the minimalist watch to the diver and aviator watches.

These styles rarely change in any significant way, yet they are constantly being tweaked in almost unnoticeable ways, barely evolving with each passing decade. There are always little design tweaks and improvements whether it’s to the watch case or crown, the dial or mechanical movement or even just to the watch buckle or strap.

This is what these styles are all about. They don’t have to change much, they are indeed timeless, so much so, that they will be still be here as each fashion dies out.

But there cannot be one without the other. Without fashion, there would be no style and without style there would be no fashion. They both influence each other in unequal ways and they will continue to do so.

One cannot exist without the other and I will leave it to you to decide for yourself which is the biggest influencer in your watch world.

For me it must be style, and in our case, for our 1st watch, the Noir Blanc, this style is clearly influenced by Bauhaus, an era and style that has influenced everything from buildings to chairs, to chess boards and kettles.

Written by Will, Toc Watch.