Bauhaus is like a futuristic message from the past screaming stop, look, appreciate what is right in front of you. This ideology has never been more relevant than today.

Look at the last decade and consider how Europe has changed, how the world has changed. For many years, we lost the run of ourselves and forgot how sometimes the subtle and simple things are in fact the most relevant and important. Simple and retro are the new cool.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated to be appreciated and yet it doesn’t have to be boring either. Life needs to be expressive and willing to take risks while still calculating to avoid failure. This is wisdom I see when I think of Bauhaus and how it has impacted fashion, art, cities and now Toc.

When you look at Toc, we are focused or maybe even obsessed with the importance of getting quality right the first time. We focus on what makes a watch great and how it doesn’t have to be over the top to be perfect or cool. Keeping it simple and getting it right the first time is part of what makes Bauhaus a timeless movement. It’s this German efficiency in mechanics and styling that oozes coolness and we have latched onto.

Bauhaus expressed this subtlety and coolness in such a way that it pulled at our inert nature until we accepted its correctness. Less is sometimes more, especially when less can be shown to be so much more relevant.

Look at how Bauhaus slowly influenced Berlin. You could not say that Berlin embraced Bauhaus in any mad or revolutionary way, but its ethos and creativity permeated itself into the coolness that now exists in Berlin. There is something about the way that Bauhaus can inspire someone to dream and to push themselves forward.

Consider when Bauhaus was created. It was born in 1919, at the very same time as the Weimar Republic was created. It was the first time in German history when there was no Kaiser. Everything was changing and everything was fresh. People started to express themselves more freely which led to diverse individuality and a level of unrestrictive creativity that was unheard of.

Bauhaus simply aligned itself with this era and it was as though people had finally the freedom to experiment and grow. Women started smoking and wearing skirts and men peered outside their comfort zones. Society in Germany was freaking out, but in a good way, and in those 14 years everything was possible, there were no boundaries for those who dared dream.

Toc relates back to this time in German history when the whole nation felt like teenagers again, unafraid and unrestricted by their dreams. There is something cool and free about chasing a dream and how that actually makes you feel.

Our watch is different from the Swiss watches of this world that are engineered down to the last-minute detail and therefore costing a fortune. In my world, that means they have lost something, something special. It’s can’t be just about precision anymore, it’s the coolness in efficient style and design that appeals. Function and style in equal proportion, that’s true cool.

I guess it’s like Berlin, it's not the best at any one thing but its damn good at everything and surely this is why it is one of the coolest cities in the world and wearing a Toc watch should resonate in the same way.

So align yourself with the times and let Bauhaus be your cool.

Written by Will, Toc Watch.